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Our History

In our 20th year of continuous book auctions, longer than any other rare book auctioneer in Australia, ABA has established an enviable record, one we believe can be equalled by no other auction house. In addition to the exceptional list of important collections we have sold, ABA holds the world record price for an Australian book sold at auction, record auction prices for an Australian book of the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and the highest total value realised for any Australian collection sold at auction (Davidson Collection, $13,000,000). Other major collections sold by us include Dr H.N.B. Wettenhall, Syd. Trigellis-Smith, Dr. Eric Stock, John Lane Mullins, the Moornmoot Library, and the Hawker Collection.
ABA will offer your collection for sale within as little as two months of your consigning your books to us and you will receive the full realisation one month later. No other auction house or occasional auctioneer can offer such a speedy, efficient, and well catalogued service, with an individual catalogue of your collection if desired. We are always consigning important or interesting individual items – books, ephemera, manuscripts and documents, maps, prints, artworks (historical, topographical, and voyage art).