Australian Rare Books

The second edition of AUSTRALIAN RARE BOOKS 1788-1900 will be published in two volumes in early 2023.


The first edition of Jonathan Wantrup’s Australian Rare Books 1788-1900 was published 35 years ago. In the intervening decades he continued to make revisions and to add new chapters.

The revised and enlarged second edition, to be published in 2023, is three times the length of the first edition, adding five long new chapters, with over 500 works now described in the second edition Checklist (including many revisions or additions to the books described in the first edition).

The new chapters deal with: Colourplate Natural History to the 1850s; Colourplate Natural History from 1860 to 1900; The eight elaborate French ‘grands voyages’ into the south-west Pacific between 1817 and 1840, with an attempt to provide ideal descriptions of all the magnificent official and participant publications; books of the Australian gold rush from the 1850s and 1860s; finally a chapter on Australian colonial literature focusing on the landmark works that led to an Australian literature by the turn of the century.

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